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  • newThe Bust Doesn’t Destroy Wealth
    It’s Friday desk clearing time for this blogger. “A Nobel Prize Laureate is warning that Sydney’s real estate market is showing every sign of being in a dangerous price bubble. Professor Vernon Smith, who was honoured for his work in experiment…
    - 15 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 10:05am -
  • newBits Bucket for July 31, 2015
    Post off-topic ideas, links, and Craigslist finds here.
    - 18 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 7:25am -
  • Preparations For Growth Can Be Overly Optimistic
    The Los Angeles Daily News reports from California. “New home building is finally showing signs of life around the Valley with several projects underway or in the planning stages, including one that will bring a taste of Manhattan-style living to t…
    - 2 days ago 30 Jul 15, 10:05am -
  • Bits Bucket for July 30, 2015
    Post off-topic ideas, links, and Craigslist finds here.
    - 2 days ago 30 Jul 15, 7:25am -
  • Gaming The Market
    The Denver Post reports from Colorado. “Lauren Frommer, 28, socked away a fifth of every paycheck and last month purchased a Cherry Creek condo, renting out two of the three rooms to friends who help her cover the mortgage. Frommer previously worke…
    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 10:05am -
  • Bits Bucket for July 29, 2015
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    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 7:25am -
  • Prices Either Continue To Go Up Or They Crash
    CTV report from Canada. “These days, buyers hoping to land a condo in Vancouver’s highly competitive housing market will need more than a down payment to close the deal. This past week, hundreds of people spent days in line ahead of the Saturday…
    - 4 days ago 28 Jul 15, 10:05am -
  • Bits Bucket for July 28, 2015
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    - 4 days ago 28 Jul 15, 7:25am -
  • Old Man Panic And The Ghost Of 2006
    The News Press reports from Florida. “The south Lee housing market continued its hot streak last month, even as the region moved into its traditional slow season. Several key real estate indicators jumped double-digits in June 2015 over the same pe…
    - 5 days ago 27 Jul 15, 10:05am -
  • Bits Bucket for July 27, 2015
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    - 5 days ago 27 Jul 15, 7:25am -
  • An Irrational Market For A Global Commodity
    A weekend topic on house prices and the outsider perceptions. The Independent. “Foreign criminals are pushing up UK house prices by buying expensive homes to launder money, according to a law enforcement chief. Donald Toon, director of economic cri…
    - 5 days ago 26 Jul 15, 2:00pm -
  • Bits Bucket for July 26, 2015
    Post off-topic ideas, links, and Craigslist finds here.
    - 6 days ago 26 Jul 15, 7:25am -

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  • newAppraisal Institute selects Jim Murrett as new vice president
    The Appraisal Institute announced the election of Jim Murrett to serve as the organization’s vice president in 2016. Murrett’s one-year term at the Appraisal Institute will begin Jan. 1, followed by one year each as president-elect, president and…
    - 3 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 10:02pm -
  • newFreddie completes $591 million sale of non-performing loans
    Freddie Mac completed the sale of $591 million in deeply delinquent non-performing loans that it announced back at the beginning of July. Details of the sale included inside.
    - 4 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 9:20pm -
  • newRick Perry: Clinton policies caused housing crisis
    In a speech last week in New York, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry positioned himself, surprisingly, as a populist ready to take on Wall Street, laid the blame of the housing crisis on the “destructive homeownership policies” of the Clinton administ…
    - 4 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 9:03pm -
  • newBicyclist killed while raising money for affordable housing
    A man died after being hit by a car in Western Oklahoma while he was bicycling across America to raise money for affordable housing. Wanninkhof was part of the group Bike & Build, which raises awareness for affordable housing.
    - 8 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 5:48pm -
  • newFidelity National increases ownership stake in ServiceLink to 79%
    Fidelity National Financial (FNF) announced Friday that it increased its ownership stake in ServiceLink Holdings from 65% to 79% as part of a recapitalization of ServiceLink, a provider of transaction services to the mortgage and finance industries.
    - 8 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 5:45pm -
  • newOcwen tanks in wake of poor second quarter results
    After seeing its income from operations in the second quarter fall nearly $100 million from last year and despite the company’s CEO saying that the company “made positive strides on many fronts in the second quarter,” Ocwen Financial is taking…
    - 9 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:34pm -
  • newNew study details impact of foreclosures on communities
    A new paper published in the journal Housing Policy Debate points to the role of mortgage servicers as a critical factor in whether or not a neighborhood or community experiences the negative effects commonly associated with foreclosure sales. Are th…
    - 9 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:22pm -
  • newThis is why millennials need a new credit scoring system
    Are Millennials interested in obtaining credit after witnessing their families struggle as a result of the recent recession? ID Analytics conducted a study on their credit scores to figure out where they stand. The answer may surprise you.
    - 9 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:04pm -
  • newThe Wrap: Appraisals down alongside mortgage apps
    Is the “home prices at all-time high” thing hype or hope, as appraisers see it? And why are Llano Financing Group and Carrington Capital Management suing so many appraisers? Plus, will homeowners and appraisers ever see eye-to-eye? Read on.
    - 10 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 3:00pm -
  • newHot Seat: Jack Nunnery, EVP at Texas Capital Bank
    The specific needs of correspondent lending divisions often get overlooked in the development of mortgage technology solutions. Texas Capital Bank is looking to change that formula with a new correspondent line and platform to forge stronger ties bet…
    - 20 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 5:00am -
  • newCompany Spotlight: Superior Home Services
    Superior Home Services has specialized in FHA default servicing since the company was founded in 1984. This focus has fueled the company’s drive to innovate in providing hazard insurance recovery services, and has resulted in a unique FHA default s…
    - 20 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 5:00am -
  • newInterview: Mat Ishbia, CEO of United Shore Financial Services
    But how many of us can reach out and touch our dream, and then decide to go another way? How many have the guts and strength to take a leap into the unknown, and then once we find solid footing in the unknown, how many of us have what it takes to not…
    - 21 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:00am -
  • newThe CFPB’s appalling double standard
    For months the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was adamant that despite repeated pleas that the mortgage finance industry would not be ready for the Aug. 1 effective date for the onerous TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule, that it was a hard…
    - 21 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:00am -
  • newMeet our incredible 2015 Women of Influence
    The only downside to a program like this is the difficulty in choosing winners. The field grows more competitive every year, with more nominations from a much broader field. This is a cause for celebration in and of itself, but one that presents a re…
    - 21 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:00am -
  • newMeeting the biggest challenges in field servicing
    The biggest challenge in field services is the ever-changing regulatory environment and scrutiny the mortgage servicing industry is under, according to this Q&A with Alan Jaffa, CEO of Safeguard Properties. But that's just the beginning.
    - 21 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:00am -
  • newHow mobile technology is changing the game for property preservation
    Investors today crave certainty, the kind that results from lots and lots of data points. To provide that degree of assurance, field service providers have taken data collection to a whole new level. Just in the last 12 months, the explosion of avai…
    - 21 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:00am -
  • Guardian Mortgage CEO Marcia Phillips retires
    Guardian Mortgage Company announced that Marcia Phillips, who has served as the company’s president and chief executive officer of since 1988, is retiring from those positions and will become vice chairman of the company’s board of directors.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 10:30pm -
  • $2 billion Ginnie Mae bulk MSR portfolio hits market
    Mortgage servicers seeking to get their hands on some Ginnie Mae servicing now have that opportunity, thanks to a nearly $2 billion mortgage servicing rights portfolio that’s now available for sale. Here are all the pertinent details.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 10:13pm -
  • Here's where Millennials stand with credit scores
    Millennials are not as savvy as their predecessors when it comes to their finances and credit management. However, this same generation also wields a lot of potential to improve their credit for the future.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 10:02pm -
  • Ellie Mae revenue surges 65%
    Ellie Mae marked another strong quarter on its books, with its second-quarter revenue surging to $65.9 million, up 65% from $40 million for the same period a year ago.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 9:07pm -
  • Ocwen’s profits fall sharply in second quarter
    After returning to profitability in the first quarter, reversing a trend that saw it lose $546 million in 2014, Ocwen Financial reported Thursday that it also made a profit in the second quarter – albeit a much smaller one. Here are all the details…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 8:35pm -
  • Hipsters hate housing, yet help it, one beard at a time
    Take away their pile of student debt and lack of interest in housing, and hipsters are still contributing to society and helping other industries. In fact, the bike, beer and beard industries love the hipster movement.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 8:00pm -
  • CFPB to mortgage industry: Get out of MSAs
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants mortgage lenders to stop using marketing services agreements, and it’s using the stick rather than the rules process to do so. The industry says no fair, that's regulation by enforcement. What do you t…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 7:50pm -
  • Regulatory uncertainty, toxic environment drive Wells Fargo, Prospect out of MSAs
    Two major players in the mortgage space are discontinuing marketing activities that depend on Marketing Services Agreements because of regulatory uncertainty, recent interpretations of RESPA, and a generally toxic environment because of inconsistent…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 5:52pm -
  • CFPB fines Residential Credit Solutions $1.5 million for illegal mortgage servicing
    According to the CFPB, Residential Credit Solutions failed to honor modifications for loans transferred from other servicers, treated consumers as if they were in default when they weren’t, sent consumers escrow statements falsely claiming they wer…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 4:40pm -
  • LRES names new senior VP of sales
    LRES hired Nick Grant as senior vice president of sales, where he is responsible for managing LRES’ sales and business development operations, building customer relationships and growing new relationships with mortgage lenders and servicers.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 4:27pm -
  • House Committee approves slate of mortgage, housing reforms
    The Financial Services Committee approved a slate of bipartisan bills directly impacting the mortgage and housing finance space Wednesday. How could it affect you? Here’s everything on the docket.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 4:03pm -
  • Trending Thursday: Is the job description “financial press” or “palace guard?”
    A lot of people are suggesting that many of the mainstays in the financial press aren’t asking the right questions in coverage — from the Fed to FannieGate. Truth, or trolls? Plus credit conditions and the impact of regulations on mortgage bankin…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 3:00pm -
  • Freddie Mac: Mortgage rates fluctuate around 4%
    Mortgage rates moved lower once again, falling just enough to slip under 4%. Rates continue to fluctuate as events change overseas and the Fed still gives no signs of when interest rates will rise.
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 2:25pm -
  • Servicer focus on mortgage delinquencies severely impacts current borrowers
    Despite the percentage of loans in delinquency dropping to less than 5% of all loans in June, mortgage servicers are still paying an inordinate amount of attention to delinquent borrowers, severely impacting the servicers’ overall customer experien…
    - 2 days ago 30 Jul 15, 12:01pm -

AOL Real Estate News

  • Trump Sells Apartment He Never Lived in for $21 Million
    Filed under: Celebrity Homes, SellingZillowA private elevator leads to the five-bedroom, 7.5-bath apartment on the 24th floor of the Trump Park Avenue building.By Melissa AllisonWhen he's not stumping for the Republican presidential nomination or…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 1:56pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Fall to Lowest Level Since Early June
    Filed under: Buying, Financing, RefinancingZillowThe weekly mortgage rate chart illustrates the average 30-year fixed interest rate in six-hour intervals.By Lauren BraunMortgage rates for 30-year fixed loans fell this week, with the current rate…
    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 9:13am -
  • Does Downsizing Add Up?
    Filed under: Buying, Lifestyle, SellingAlamyBy Susan JohnstonIt's a common bit of retirement advice: Downsize your housing after the kids leave the nest to cut costs. Interestingly, though, many baby boomers have no intentions of downsizing. Near…
    - 4 days ago 28 Jul 15, 1:20pm -
  • Home Security Doesn't Have to Be Expensive
    Filed under: Home Improvementanekoho/Shutterstock A simple video camera often can be installed by the homeowner. Its presence alone is a deterrent to thieves.By Teresa MearsYou want to keep your home safe from thieves, but you don't want to spend…
    - 12 days ago 20 Jul 15, 8:45am -
  • 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Brownstone Fetches $7.4 Million
    Filed under: News, Celebrity HomesGetty ImagesAudrey Hepburn was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Holly Golightly in the 1961 film "Breakfast at Tiffany's."Courtesy of Peter*Ashe Real Estate via StreeEasyThe brownstone at 169 E. 71st St…
    - 14 days ago 18 Jul 15, 6:33am -
  • Where to Spend $10,000 if You're Remodeling
    Filed under: Home Improvement, SellingGetty ImagesA bathroom remodel can improve your enjoyment of your home but might not pay off if you're planning to sell soon.By Michael CorbettWhether you're looking to sell or stay put, you'll save money o…
    - 15 days ago 17 Jul 15, 8:17am -
  • Jeff Bridges' Old World Montecito Estate Listed at $29.5M
    Filed under: Celebrity Homes, SellingJim Bartsch via ZillowActor Jeff Bridges and his wife bought the 19-acre estate from musician Kenny Loggins in 1994.By Melissa AllisonSometimes, there's a house. Well, it's the house for its time and place. It…
    - 16 days ago 16 Jul 15, 8:03am -
  • Mortgage Rates Rise But Remain Under 4% Again
    Filed under: Buying, Financing, RefinancingZillowThe weekly mortgage rate chart illustrates the average 30-year fixed interest rate in six-hour intervals.By Lauren BraunMortgage rates for 30-year fixed home loans rose this week, with the current…
    - 17 days ago 15 Jul 15, 6:00am -
  • 10 Gated Homes You Could Buy for Less Than $600,000
    Filed under: Buying, Lifestyle, SellingZillowThe home behind these gates in Roseville, about 20 miles from the California capital of Sacramento, has fairway views.By Melissa AllisonWhether the fences, walls and gates are for a single home or a wh…
    - 18 days ago 14 Jul 15, 1:24pm -
  • 7 Ways to Save Water in Your Yard
    Filed under: Home ImprovementAssociated PressReplacing some of your grass with drought-tolerant landscaping and native plants is one way to save water.By Jennifer GravelyBrown grass, dead shrubs, puny gardens -- they're an eyesore for sure. But kee…
    - 22 days ago 10 Jul 15, 10:48am -
  • Scott Disick Bought Bachelor Pad Before Kardashian Breakup
    Filed under: Buying, Celebrity HomesZillowThe 4,095-square-foot home has five bedrooms and six baths, providing enough space for his three children to visit.By Melissa AllisonKourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick split over the Fourth of July…
    - 22 days ago 9 Jul 15, 1:54pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Dip to 3.88%, Fluctuating With Greek Crisis
    Filed under: Buying, Financing, RefinancingZillowThe weekly mortgage rate chart illustrates the average 30-year fixed interest rate in six-hour intervals.By Lauren BraunMortgage rates for 30-year fixed loans fell this week, with the current rate…
    - 24 days ago 8 Jul 15, 10:14am -
  • Rising Mortgage Rates Could Block a Third of Millennials
    Filed under: Buying, FinancingShutterstockBy Christine DiGangiMortgage rates hit a 2015 high when the national average on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage hit 4.08 percent earlier this week, according to Freddie Mac's weekly survey. That's lower tha…
    - 25 days ago 7 Jul 15, 1:24am -
  • Joan Rivers' Fifth Avenue 'Palace' Sells for $28 Million
    Filed under: Buying, Celebrity Homes, SellingThe Corcoran GroupUPDATE: Late comedian Joan Rivers' glitzy New York home has sold for its asking price of $28 million to unnamed "Middle East royalty," CNBC reports.ORIGINAL POST 2/9/2015: Can we talk…
    - 27 days ago 5 Jul 15, 9:05am -
  • Cash Buyers No Longer Overcrowding the Housing Market
    Filed under: Buying, Financing, InvestingAlex Kalina/Getty ImagesBy Bob SullivanIn many parts of the country, housing prices gave returned to pre-recession levels. That's good news for sellers, bad news for buyers. But buried within the latest ho…
    - 28 days ago 4 Jul 15, 10:54am -
  • Dennis Miller Sells Beach House for $3.5 Million Below List
    Filed under: Buying, Celebrity Homes, SellingRiskin Associates via ZillowThe house features 6,000 feet in a beautiful cottage-style white but the real selling point is the 63 feet of beachfront.By Melissa AllisonUPDATE: Comedian Dennis Miller and…
    - 30 days ago 2 Jul 15, 12:09pm -
  • 5 Ways to Handle the Eyesore Next Door Before You Sell
    Filed under: How To, SellingGetty ImagesBy Laura Agadoni You're almost ready to put your house on the market when you realize it: The neighborhood eyesore is going to pose a problem.Sure, we know some people might view any attempts to hide an e…
    - 30 days ago 2 Jul 15, 11:41am -
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Sell at $750K Loss
    Filed under: Celebrity Homes, SellingZillowThe Greenwich Village townhouse features six bedrooms and seven fireplaces, including this one in a bathroom.By Melissa AllisonMaybe Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick should stick with flipp…
    - 31 days ago 30 Jun 15, 7:16pm -
  • Why Mom and Dad Should Charge Millennials Rent
    Filed under: Investing, Lifestyle, RentingGetty ImagesBy Erin LowryThe cliche of 20-somethings taking up refuge in their parents' basements is a now tired way to describe millennials. Unfortunately, it became a stereotype because it's true. Mille…
    - 31 days ago 30 Jun 15, 6:16pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Break 4% Again Before Falling Back to 3.93%
    Filed under: Buying, Financing, RefinancingZillowThe weekly mortgage rate chart illustrates the average 30-year fixed interest rate in six-hour intervals.By Lauren BraunMortgage rates for 30-year fixed loans fell this week, with the rate borrowers…
    - 31 days ago 30 Jun 15, 4:41pm -

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NBC News

Mortagage News Daily

  • newCFPB Hits Servicer for Creating "Loan Modification Purgatory"
    Posted To: MND NewsWireA Texas mortgage servicer has run badly afoul of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for repeated violations of servicing rules . Residential Credit Solutions has agreed to pay $1.5 million in restitution to its vi…
    - 8 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 5:06pm -
  • newMBS MID-DAY: Big Rally After Super Weak Wage Growth
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryToday's market mover came out of left field, and in a big way. The Employment Cost Index is typically a non-event, having only moved markets noticeably one other time in the past few years. But it completely rocked them toda…
    - 9 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:28pm -
  • newWells MSA News; CFPB TRID Toolkit; Capital Markets Trends & Student Loans
    Posted To: Pipeline PressA rare blue moon (two full moons appearing in the same calendar month) will be visible in the sky today for the first time in three years. We won't see the next one until early 2018 - and imagine how residential lending, mar…
    - 11 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 2:20pm -
  • newMBS Day Ahead: Closer Look at Changes in Yield Curve
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryYesterday's recap mentioned a 'farewell' to low short term rates despite longer term rates 'faring well.' This is a reference to the major changes that have been taking place with the yield curve in July. But just what the h…
    - 14 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 11:33am -
  • MBS RECAP: Longer Term Rates Fare Well, as Low Short-Term Rates Say Farewell
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryAs of mid-July bond markets seem to have put their foot down with respect to the relationship between long and short term rates. With the economic recovery and global growth outlook still open to debate--not to mention with…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 8:51pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Stay Steady After GDP
    Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates were very close to unchanged despite market volatility surrounding the release of today's GDP figures. GDP can occasionally cause a significant response in mortgage rates, and that's especially true of th…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 7:08pm -
  • Wells Fargo pulls out of Marketing Agreements with Agents, Builders
    Posted To: MND NewsWireWell Fargo Bank announced today that it will immediately begin winding down its marketing services and desk rental agreements with real estate firms, builders, and some other referral sources. Franklin Codel, executive vice pr…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 6:10pm -
  • Rental Housing a Growing Burden on Low Wage Earners
    Posted To: MND NewsWireFinding an affordable place to rent within a reasonable distance of employment is becoming increasingly difficult according to Freddie Mac executive David Leopold. Leopold, writing in the company's Executive Perspectives blog…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 3:37pm -
  • MBS MID-DAY: Just Barely Holding Gains After Volatile Morning
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets came into the domestic session in slightly weaker territory owing largely to losses that occurred right at the start of the overnight session. 10yr yields were dragged up to 2.322 as Asian markets had their firs…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 3:34pm -
  • Equity Acceleration Slows, Are Some Owners Cashing Out?
    Posted To: MND NewsWireThe rich get richer? When it comes to equity that appears to be the case according to information released by RealtyTrac on Thursday. The company's U.S. Home Equity & Underwater Report shows an increase in the number of "equit…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 3:05pm -
  • CFPB's Latest Fine; JD Powers' Servicing Survey; Prospect Withdraws From MSA Biz
    Posted To: Pipeline PressFun with government numbers: approximately 52.2 million people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programs each month in 2012, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report . Right or left, Democ…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 2:09pm -
  • MBS Day Ahead: Important Day for The Shorter Term Trend
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe direction of the trend in rates (or "bond markets") varies depending on the time frame in question. For instance, looking back to the 1980's, rates are still in an epic trend lower. That only really changes if we begin o…
    - 2 days ago 30 Jul 15, 11:33am -
  • MBS RECAP: Fed Statement No Big Deal for Bonds
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe Fed made a few token changes to its policy statement today, but as expected, no overtures for an impending rate hike. At least that wasn't the case superficially. If you want to get a bit philosophical with the Fed verbi…
    - 2 days ago 29 Jul 15, 10:23pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Barely Budge After Fed Announcement
    Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates had an exceptionally boring day despite the presence of the Fed Announcement. Major communications from the Fed (which include announcements, meeting minutes, and certain speeches) always have the potenti…
    - 2 days ago 29 Jul 15, 9:10pm -
  • MBS MID-DAY: Under Modest Pressure Ahead of Fed
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets have continued taking measured steps back from the strongest levels in nearly 3 weeks seen on Monday. So far, today's selling pressure has been roughly in line with yesterday's. This time, it's more about trader…
    - 2 days ago 29 Jul 15, 3:37pm -
  • Wells Business Channel Rumor; Conventional Conforming Updates Never Cease
    Posted To: Pipeline PressI ain't one that puts much creed into book learnin'. But somes, I'm guessin', do. The Mortgage Bankers Association will be offering a Path to Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship to eligible candidates looking to attend MBA Edu…
    - 2 days ago 29 Jul 15, 3:11pm -
  • June sees Pull-Back in Pending Sales
    Posted To: MND NewsWirePending home sales dipped slightly in June, ending five straight months of increases. The National Association of Realtors® (NAR) said today that pending sales were down 1.8 percent from May, a month that reached the highest…
    - 2 days ago 29 Jul 15, 2:13pm -
  • Modest Uptick in Refinancing After Modest Drop in Rates
    Posted To: MND NewsWirePerhaps consumers viewed the recent retreat in rates as their last chance to refinance before the Fed starts ratcheting up rates - maybe today, maybe in September, but mortgage applications, especially for refinancing, increas…
    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 1:09pm -
  • MBS Day Ahead: Last FOMC Meeting Before Rate Hike Becomes Real Risk
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryAlthough Pending Home Sales will be out this morning at 10am, and although that's fairly interesting data in its own right, today's broader market focus will most assuredly be on the FOMC. Today's Fed announcement is trickie…
    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 11:33am -
  • MBS RECAP: As Far as Down Days Go, Not Too Bad
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryMBS ended the day in slightly weaker territory, and they did so in about the gentlest possible way . The domestic session began with trading levels in much weaker territory after Treasury yields rose somewhat significantly o…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 9:43pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Finally Buck Trend
    Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates bucked the recent trend of steady, modest improvements to end just slightly higher today. That said, the move was just as small as most recent examples, and barely returns most lenders to last Friday's ra…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 9:43pm -
  • Homeownership Continues Dismal Decline; Rentals Soar
    Posted To: MND NewsWireHomeownership declined yet again in the second quarter of 2015. The Census Bureau said that the national rate dropped from 63.7 percent in the first quarter to 63.4 percent in the second and was more than a point down from the…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 6:29pm -
  • MBS MID-DAY: There's a Bright Side to Today's Bond Market Weakness
    Posted To: MBS CommentaryBond markets pulled back overnight on a combination of global stock market stability and European data. Selling pressure remained this morning as corporate debt issuance is active. (That means that firms that were planning o…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 3:24pm -
  • Home Price Gains More Likely to Slow
    Posted To: MND NewsWireHome price data from S&P Dow Jones Indices was mixed for May. All three of the Case-Shiller measures, the National Index and the 10-City and 20-City Composites increased from May 2014 but the year-over-year increases were abou…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 2:42pm -
  • CFPB Personnel Moves; Why Millennial's Rent is the LO's Best Friend
    Posted To: Pipeline PressFederal agencies have issued the final standards in regards to Section 342 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. We will see more regulators and regulations as Section 342 mandates each fe…
    - 3 days ago 28 Jul 15, 2:29pm -

CNN Real Estate News

The Mortgage Reports

  • newMortgage Rates Today, Where Are They Headed?
    Current mortgage rates and mortgage market movement. Today's mortgage rates and mortgage news. Live rate quotes available. News and data provided by MBSQuoteline, a real-time mortgage market data service available to loan officers, real estate agent…
    - 9 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 4:04pm -
  • newRenters Jump On Today’s Low Mortgage Rates; Home Sales Soar
    Rising rents are driving renters to look at housing, and low- and no-downpayment mortgage options are helping them afford it. Analysis and rate quotes at today's live pricing.Click to read more: Renters Jump On Today’s Low Mortgage Rates; Home Sa…
    - 11 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 2:13pm -
  • newGovernment Extends HARP Refi Program, Effective Immediately
    The government has extended the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). Find out if your mortgage qualifies, and get today's live mortgage rates which are near all-time lows.Click to read more: Government Extends HARP Refi Program, Effective Imme…
    - 23 hours ago 31 Jul 15, 2:17am -
  • Mortgage Rates Back Below 4% After July Federal Reserve Meeting
    Mortgage rates are lower after the Fed's July 2015 meeting. Complete analysis, plus what it means for purchases and refinances. Rates are back below four percent, on average.Click to read more: Mortgage Rates Back Below 4% After July Federal Reserv…
    - 1 day ago 30 Jul 15, 2:23pm -
  • Mortgage Rates Move When The Federal Reserve Meets
    The Fed adjourns from a 2-day meeting Wednesday. The group doesn't set mortgage rates but it can influence them. How this week's meeting could affect your refinance and purchase mortgage rate.Click to read more: Mortgage Rates Move When The Federal…
    - 3 days ago 29 Jul 15, 1:01pm -
  • How To Cancel Your FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP)
    How FHA mortgage insurance premiums work, and how to cancel your monthly MIP. With the right steps, eliminate FHA MIP in 30 days or fewer.Click to read more: How To Cancel Your FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIP).
    - 4 days ago 28 Jul 15, 12:06pm -
  • Fannie Mae Lowers Mandatory Waiting Period After Bankruptcy, Short Sale, & Pre-Foreclosure
    Effective immediately, the waiting period after a "significant derogatory event" is reduced by half. Read about the Fannie Mae, and get today's live rates.Click to read more: Fannie Mae Lowers Mandatory Waiting Period After Bankruptcy, Short Sale,…
    - 4 days ago 27 Jul 15, 2:06pm -
  • Homes Selling Too Fast For Buyers? Median Days On Market Hits All-Time Low.
    Median Days on Market has reached an all-time low, with homes selling in less than a week in many U.S. cities. "You snooze, you lose?" Read more here.Click to read more: Homes Selling Too Fast For Buyers? Median Days On Market Hits All-Time Low..
    - 7 days ago 25 Jul 15, 4:06am -
  • This Is The Loan Program With The Lowest Mortgage Rates Today
    Looking for the cheapest mortgage rate today? Make sure you ask about this specific loan program which beats "average" rates by more than a quarter percent.Click to read more: This Is The Loan Program With The Lowest Mortgage Rates Today.
    - 8 days ago 24 Jul 15, 4:15am -
  • Freddie Mac Report Shows Where Mortgage Rates Are Highest, Lowest
    Freddie Mac shows mortgage rates lower as compared to last week, with rates lowest in California, Washington, and Oregon. Complete analysis and live rate quotes here.Click to read more: Freddie Mac Report Shows Where Mortgage Rates Are Highest, Low…
    - 8 days ago 23 Jul 15, 4:21pm -

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